The Busy Giffs: Tots2Tweens Blog Awesome Challenge

April 3, 2012

Tots2Tweens Blog Awesome Challenge

I have always been a writer.
I excelled at taking words, putting them on paper, and making them work.
My high school grades reflected that.
I could take any book, speech, or historical document and analyze it until all it became was a bright red 'A' on the top of my paper.
It was easy.
Because it wasn't about myself.

Growing up I kept a wall between myself and everyone else.
As the oldest of five kids, my job was to stay composed, for them.
Weakness didn't exist, and if it did, you didn't say anything about it.
No one else made me feel like this, but my own sense of inadequacy made me feel like I had to constantly put on a show of perfection.

And then on January 30th, 2011, I wrote this blog post.
I had started blogging only 25 days prior, doing a blog challenge to do something while I sat around pregnant, while all my friends were still out drinking and partying.

The most amazing thing about that post, was that right there on paper,
I became myself.

I wrote about my frugal shopping trips for baby things, about the birth of my daughter (in many of it's gory hilarious details) and about applying for welfare while tears of embarrassment streamed down my face.
I've had women message me and say "I've been there, I've had to do that, but I could never share like you have".

From that moment, I wanted to share everything.

Tots2Tweens may just give me that opportunity.
Whose Tots2Tweens, you may ask?
Grab your popcorn, I'm going to show you.

Sadly, not long enough to eat the whole box of Mike & Ike's but you get the idea. 
They are an amazing company who will be sponsoring one extremely lucky blogger to attend The SITS Girls Community Bloggy Boot Camp through their Blog Awesome Challenge (check out more through #blogawesome on Twitter)!!!

Through a series of three tasks, with this blog post being the fourth and last, Tots2Tweens has pushed me to become an even better blogger, forcing me to share even more of myself with the world! Did you know I got a Twitter? Right? And now that I'm putting myself farther out there, I want to keep going!

I've decided to redesign the blog, I have reached out to many new blogging friends and have created quite a network through Twitter, and am hoping to reach 100 followers but May 1st!

Going to Bloggy Boot Camp would allow me to continue to grow. 
Both as myself, and as my blog brand. 
Two entities that are making up my whole person at this point. 

Going to Bloggy Boot Camp would be my first blogging conference, my first time away from Emmalee since she was born, and the first time I do something that I want to do, not just something I feel like I have to do.

And, to top it all off, after the conference, the winner gets a PAID INTERNSHIP with Tots2Tweens!!! Amazing right? 

What do you think? Should I win? Do you think they should pick me? 
Comment below! Let them know!

If I won I'd get to write again.
I would excel at it.
There would be no grades.
It would be easy.
Because it would be about me.

**Disclosure to use: This post was written as part of the Tots2Tweens Blog Awesome Challenge. Should I be selected as the winner I will receive a conference pass to Bloggy Boot Camp Philly as well as other monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.

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