The Busy Giffs: It's Not Okay

April 26, 2012

It's Not Okay

It's not okay to wake up every day wishing you were some place else.
It's not okay to feel trapped.

It's not okay to despise other people for their happiness, their good jobs or their ability to take a week long vacation.
It's not okay to feel like your job is a dead end street and you're going nowhere fast.
It's not okay to take your stress out by yelling at your husband.

It's not okay to cry in the shower because you can't handle the stress anymore.
It's not okay to question your ability to be a mother.
It's not okay to feel so exhausted that you would rather just lay in bed everyday.

It's not okay smile and pretend that everything is okay.

It's okay to always want more and it's okay to not always look perfect.
It is okay to make time for yourself.

It's okay to tell people that you are failing.
It's okay to go talk to someone about getting help.

And that's what I did.
Can I tell you I feel SO much better?
Although the doctor gave me a prescription for Prozac, I don't think I'm going to fill it.
JUst having someone to talk to and cry out everything has lifted my stress an immeasurable amount.

Do I still have the prescription just in case?

Do I think I need it?

But it sure felt nice to have someone tell me I wasn't overreacting, that all the stress I deal with in life is really really stressful and now, I can stop doubting myself and know that there's nothing wrong with me, just a lot going on in my life.

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