The Busy Giffs: How fast can you do it?

April 23, 2012

How fast can you do it?

Do you remember when schools had computer classes? With your fingers on "the home row"?
And then if finished all the "real" work, you got to play Oregon trail.

Well, I was looking at a couple jobs at the University level and one of the requirements is that you must be able to type 40+ words per minute.
I didn't even know people still used that as a requirement.

But of course, then I was curious,
how many words could I type per minute?

So, like any normal person, I googled "How fast can I type?" and found this site!

My first attempt was 46, my second 51 and my third 55.

How about you?
How fast can you type?
And when do I get to play Oregon Trail?


  1. First try 63, second 66. I still always type the "correct way"... all the time! I'm a nerd!

  2. Ooh I am def going to take this test bc I have no clue how many wpm I can type!

  3. That was fun! Round one = 54. I am going to try this again later:)

    I always start off on the "home row" but tend to go all over the place while typing. I sometimes even look at my hands still:)

  4. That was interesting. I never new my wpm. I got 66. I have worked a lot on the computer over the years! And I loved Oregon Trail.

  5. Hello from France.
    I didn't have the pleasure to know "Oregon Trail", sorry.
    More than 50 words is a good score. So, are you up to the challenge ?
    Maybe yes, maybe not... but who knows ?

  6. Hello from israel'
    32 words with no wrongs.
    did about 60 in hebrew heh..


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