The Busy Giffs: Birthday Stuffs Part 1

April 21, 2012

Birthday Stuffs Part 1

Emma's birthday party is now less than 2 months away.
You have no idea how excited I am!

So obviously, I've already started getting stuff ready.

I just talked to an AMAZING photographer and he's going to do some one year pictures and cake smash pictures!
I've obviously been looking at Pinterest for some great photo ideas!

On my break today, I went down the plaza to CVS and found all the Easter candy at 75% off!
Now not everything is super Easter, some is just in a Easter packaging but the candy itself looks like it regularly does.
We are planning on doing a candy bar at Emmalee's party and was able to pick up Smarties, Sprees, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey Kisses, Salt Water Taffy, Sweettarts and Gumballs all for $9!! The 3 bags of peanut butter cups would have been more than that if I had spent normal price!! 
Wooo hooo!
I mean.. it's candy.. it's not going to go bad in 6 weeks... I just need to make sure I don't eat it in the mean time!! :)

And because I started that, I felt the need to start making the Bubble Guppies decorations!
They don't actually make Bubble Guppies party stuff yet but it's nothing a little cutting and pasting can't fix!

I'm definitely excited and will keep posting more as it gets closer! 

Meal Prepped Meat, Egg, and Cheese Breakfasts

So fun fact-- I've lost close to 20 pounds in the last few months.  It's a combination of medicating my thyroid, watching what I eat...


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