The Busy Giffs: What a day!

March 13, 2012

What a day!

Today has been craaaazy!!

Emma is now officially 9 months old and there are TWO new jobs in our household!!
Yep, two.

Dave was offered a job doing stock/merchandising overnight at the grocery store down the street from us! No more New Bedford to Middleboro commute 6 nights a week! Do you have any idea how much money we'll save on gas just by eliminating that!?

Twenty minutes later, I got a phone call about a cold call I had made a couple weeks ago. I had called a preschool that had posted a job opening and was hoping to talk to someone abut it.  They called today and asked me to come in and fill out an application. I spoke to someone when I handed it in and they made a phone call to the owner. I met with her and was offered the job within the hour!

I'll have a Monday through Friday 8-5 job with benefits, sick days, and vacation time. And yes, before you judge, this will be my first one! I've always worked in "part time" (even though I worked 40 hours) job or as a nanny. I finally feel like my "big girl job" has arrived. Maybe it's not the middle school or high school English teacher job I dream about but I have my Early Ed license; I might as well put it to use!

Both jobs will give us our two weeks so that we can leave our current jobs respectably. 

And on top of all of that excitement... Emmalee is 9 months old today! Yikes!

You blow raspberries now and continue to put sounds together. Nothing makes sense but it's adorable to watch you have a "conversation" with other people and us.
You love peek a boo! When we play, you are smart enough to know that if you pull the blanket, you'll find mommy or daddy! Your other favorite games are trying to get to the dog food before we grab you and crawling as fast as humanly possible when Daddy yells "I'm going to geeeet yoooou!"

You love power cords. And tv remotes, and cell phones, and basically anything else you can get your hands on. We play a lot more than ever. You have a little green car that you can sit in and LOVE being pushed around in.  You know to put your hands on the steering wheel and spin it back and forth.

You sleep on your belly which gives mommy a small heart attack but if your in mommy's big bed and I say "Emma time for bed", you plop your head down and roll over. You are so so smart.
You still have room to grow in the 6-9 clothes. You prefer 2 piece jammies to the one piece ones because when you crawl, you end up dragging your knees into the belly of your outfit and get super angry.

You refuse to eat baby food now. Your meals are mostly chicken/turkey, some veggies, some cheese and applesauce or mutligrain cheerios or some puffs for a snack. You love ice cream, wagon wheels, spaghetti, apple juice, and basically anything mommy and daddy are eating. You had breakfast ham, scrambled eggs, and some potatos for breakfast the other morning and a grilled cheese for lunch today!! You still have NO teeth! But we can feel two on the front bottom , another two on the front top and your bottom molars are on their way!

You pull yourself up to one foot and then topple over but you can push yourself up when you're in the tub. You graduated to your "big girl" car seat and no longer use the infant seat. You sleep in your crib every night and you even go to sleep without nursing yourself to sleep.

I can't believe that we're already starting to plan her birthday party!


  1. A BIG congratulations all around!!!! Woohoo!

  2. Wow, congratulations all around is definitely in order! How awesome they offered you the job pretty much on the spot?! And Emmalee is just sooooo cute! Happy 9 months to her!

    Btw, my husband is from MA and we go up there quite a bit. :)

  3. Congratulations on your new jobs! Your little girl is absolutely adorable!!

  4. Congratulations on the new jobs! And Emmalee is precious!


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