The Busy Giffs: Wednesday Pinterest!

March 14, 2012

Wednesday Pinterest!

I know I only blogged about Emma's 9 month update yesterday but I am already in birthday party planning mode, I mean I have to send out invites in a month or so!

So rather than show you what I'm thinking of doing for her birthday, I figured I'd tell you something else! I want to do a cake smash session with her so badly.
She loves food, especially ice cream, cookies and cake (did I mention her great aunt gave her cannoli cream when she was 6 months old? :)
She's so photogenic that I know we'd get some great shots and honestly, I think they are just adorable.

So here's my favorite "Cake Smash" pins; I'm hoping to find a photographer who can replicate some of them!

Such a great camera roll of pictures.

I LOVE this little table (it's actually a stool for older kids!) and it's only $8 at Ikea!

But the wooden chair is super cute too...

I love everything about this.. wonder if I could find n old high chair...

I love this cake. I think it's very appropriate and so much cuter than a plain white cake. 

Clearly I'm more confused about her pictures than her actual party! :)
Any thoughts? What should I do?

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