The Busy Giffs: These are my confessions.

March 16, 2012

These are my confessions.

I confess... I'm not really sure I want to be a preschool teacher. I had my license before and I chose a different path, whose to say I'll enjoy it now?

I confess... I laughed at the new iPad3. I don't understand the Apple obsession that people have.

I confess... I want to run the Red Sox Run to Home Base with David but we would have to commit to $2000 ($1000 a piece) and I'm not sure we'd make it in 2 months.

I confess... I let Emma watch tv so I can take a shower, make dinner, etc. Her favorites are Bubble Guppies and the Muppets.

I confess... that sometimes I wonder what my life would be like and where I'd be if Dave hadn't come along.

I confess... I'm jealous a lot lately and I hate the feeling.

I confess... I desperately want a Nook color. I traded in my old Nook 3G and then convinced myself not to buy the Color, even though I had the credit and a coupon.

I confess... that not much is better than coming home to shrimp scampi and a raspberry vodka/raspberry&cranberry sparkling water prepared by my husband.

What are you guilty of?

Tyler is 4!

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