The Busy Giffs: Target Tuesday

March 6, 2012

Target Tuesday

Ok, so I planned on doing my link up about the new spring clothes I wanted but I was blindsided by something else and since I had no idea it existed, I feel like I have to share it with everyone else!

Target has a bridesmaids collection!
I mean, I'm already married and won't need to pick out bridesmaid dresses any time soon but c'mon, is there anything Target doesn't make!?!

Would you believe every dress is only 69.99!?
I die.
I know their technically bridesmaids dresses but I'm loving the coral one.. I wonder if I could pull that off as just a pretty dress.... hmmm...


  1. I think you could pull off any one of those just as a normal dress.

  2. such pretty dresses both as a regular dress or a bridesmaid dress!

  3. I just saw that they had bridesmaid dresses and I was shocked. They are CUTE too. I love the coral one and the last one. Super cute!

  4. you should pick a day where you, kris, and i go get the dresses for kris' sweet 16!


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