March 2, 2012

Book 12 & the Doctor

Yep, Book 12. I'm super excited. I really think I'll be able to read 50+ this year!
So my newest book is....

I've really been on a Sophie Kinsella kick lately but I promise this is the last one for a bit.

I just checked out The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, a Carl Haissen book and I have Catching Fire all in queue so there will be something new in the coming week!

But really.. today is Dr. Suess' Birthday!!

As an English major and a HUGE lover of Children's Lit, I ADORE the Doctor!

You should visit Seussville today!
You can amke your own Who, pick your favorite character (I think mine is Marvin K Mooney!), and there are printables for any mommas!

Emmalee has tons of Dr. Seuss books and I can't wait for her to have her favorites!
Which book is your favorite!

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