The Busy Giffs: Not Quite Toddlers & Tiaras

February 16, 2012

Not Quite Toddlers & Tiaras

On Saturday Emmalee will be competing a pageant.
Not a hard core scary Toddlers & Tiara pagaent...

Wait, have you seen the show?
I die. So many of these women are so gross.

I wish I could get it to be a video directly in here but I can't and I promise she's worth clicking over for.

This woman is why pageants have such a bad wrap.

But this is not what Emmalee will be a part of;
this is...

The idea for Caring Crowns was inspired by our daughter Addison.
The “peanut” with “huge” heart. My father-in-law, her PAPA Papa was diagnosed with leukemia in January of 2010. It has been a long hard road for all family members involved since then. Addison was a typical five year old that asked a million questions a day. So many in fact that I just couldn't keep track of them all. But after Christmas had gone by and she didn't see her Papa on that special occasion because he couldn't be around the kids and their germs, she started with her 20 questions -Except this particular day was themed- PAPA. “Where was Papa on Christmas” “Did he open presents?” “What was his favorite?” “Why is Papa sick?” “When will he be better?”  “Can I call Papa?”  “ What can I do to help Papa?” "Papa, Papa, Papa" One my answers to her 20 questions game was “Papa's sick and we don’t know how or why he got Leukemia, sometimes people get sick, sometimes people get really sick like Papa.” She asked “can kids get what Papa has” and sadly I had to say yes. Later that day she asked the infamous question (I knew it was coming it had been at least a week since she asked) when can I be in another pageant. I thought to myself - Oh here we go again...... Addison and her hunger for the spotlight needed to be fulfilled. After watching her dress up in costumes for an hour or so, she called us in to watch her “performance” keep in mind we attend many of these shows in our house. (LOL) This one was different this one she said was  “for Papa” well right then and there at that moment it clicked. She wants to be in a pageant and she wants nothing more than to help her Papa..... Presto.... like magic!! Her wish came true.
We have taking his unfortunate experience and turned it into something very positive. We decided to run a pageant in honor of Papa and all who suffer from Cancer. A yearly event that will raise money and awareness to the community and will be able to a donate to a local hospital and / or family each year in his honor. Starting with what is near and dear to our hearts and who has treated him so kindly! The donations from our 1st pageant in 2011  were presented to The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Chloe Harding Fund. Chloe Harding was the VERY 1st Little Miss Crowns who was diagnosed with 
ALL at just 4months Old.

The 1st Caring Crowns pageant 
in February 2011 was such a HUGE success! Special thanks to everyone who donated and supported us! 

 See?? How great is that?

Obviously I want Emmalee to be a part of it!
Not just for the idea of the pageant but for what it represents and means.

We're not well off and the $30 registration fee could be used for things we need but this pageant gives the money to a family that is struggling worse.

Every morning I wake up, Emmalee is healthy.
She doesn't have to go to the hospital for routine chemotherapy.
She doesn't have to take any daily medications.

We all have our health and that's the greatest gift there is.
What's $30 to a family who doesn't have that gift?

It's important to remember: 
No matter how bad you think things are, there's always someone whose worse off than you.

Would you be interested in coming to the show? Donating? Or helping to sponsor Emmalee? Let me know!
Email me: or Donate directly to Crowns for a Cure!

And c'mon... she's an easy bet ;)


  1. i emceed this last year! such a great cause. i am dress shopping on saturday, so i will miss out on seeing the princess rock the stage. tell her we said to break a leg! :) xo

  2. what a great cause! Emmalee will be a doll I'm sure!


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