February 17, 2012

The Nail Files

I'm not going to lie...
I get maybe one manicure a year.
And it's usually for a special occasion. Most often a wedding.

There's a couple reasons for this..

a. I can't justify paying someone $15 to paint my nails. I'm pretty good left handed so the only thing I'm missing out on is the to die for hand massage.

b. I work in a restaurant. Aka. Can't wear nail polish on shift. So what's the point of paying $15 just to have to take it off a day or two later?

I do, however, paint my toes constantly.
You just don't get to see them.

When I wasn't working at the restaurant, or I was in high school, whatever, I painted my nails for everything. halloween colors, flowers on the tips, random color tips.. whatever so even though I can't really paint my nails now, I still wanted to link up on Tara's Nail Files!

I have found some amazing nails on Pinterest so I'm just going to show off some of my favorites since I can't show you my own naked nails.

I seriously can't wait until I have a job where I can paint my nails! :)

The Nail Files

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