The Busy Giffs: Better than the Pats.

February 6, 2012

Better than the Pats.

Whomp, whomp.
The Pats didn't win.

There's a 100 different reasons...

Brady first play safety set the tone for the game, Welker's dropped ball or Gronk not snagging that Hail Mary, but in the end, it all boils down to one thing:

It's just a football game.
When I woke up today, my life was exactly the same, and I'm guessing, had they won, it would probably still be the same.

However, if I had bet on the score, I'd be much richer right now. I predicted 21-17 last Sunday, however I had the wrong team winning. Boo.

You know what we do now?
We take pride in the fact that only ONE team was better this year and get ready for October 28th.

Good news of Sunday...

We have a crawler!!

Little princess decided she wanted the Xbox controller and crawled her butt right over to it!

I was so happy I was there to see it!

And, speaking of the princess, she loves shoes!
I've read its really important to have shoes when they start standing and walking because it helps develop their feet correctly ( I don't know... ) so I pulled out her bucket of shoes. 
She pulled them out, played with some and tried some on.

When I put them away, she crawled over and pulled down the bucket!

My little girly girl.
On the move. 

Ps. Only 13 more days until Spring Training. <3

And have you signed up for my Birthday Giveaway yet??

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