The Busy Giffs: 8 Months!

February 13, 2012

8 Months!

Holy schnikes.
My little peanut of a princess is 8 months old. It's really crazy.
When you're pregnant or have a new baby, people always say " Time will fly" or "She'll be 18 before you know it" and oh my goodness, they were right.
So here's some 8 month pictures! 

She sits on her own, after pushing herself up from being on her belly.
She crawls, everywhere. But only if she wants something. So far the best motivators are a cell phone, the tv remote, an XBOX controller, grown up food, or her yellow sea horse.

She's really starting to play with her toys and will crawl to ones she wants.  She's learned if you pull on the basket full of toys they will all come tumbling out.

She still loves tubbies but has decided she does NOT like having her hair washed or when water goes in her eyes.

She's trying to stand already, pulling herself up on the side of the tub or on her car seat.  She reaches up to the coffee table but hasn't started lifting herself up yet.

She LOVES food. She prefers grown up food to her own but loves her puffs, yogurt melts and multigrain cheerios! No teeth yet but that hasn't stopped her from eating actual green beans, bread, chicken, potatoes and  ice cream!

She isn't saying any words but has started putting consonant sounds together. Usually its "mmmmmt" or "patek" I have no idea what she's saying but if you say it back at her, she giggles like crazy. 

She falls asleep on her own and goes to bed in her crib. Because she is still breastfed (!!!) when she wakes up to eat she usually ends up in our bed because I fall asleep and don't put her back in her crib (oops!)

And speaking of bed, we only use the binky for bed time now! :)

And did I mention she LOVES shoes!
She will crawl to her room and pull out the shoe bucket and proceed to take out every pair! Plus she tried to get a bow every time I change her diaper...
Did I create a girly girl??? :)

She's getting bigger everyday and is so smart.

And in other news,
I participated in a Valentine's Day swap!

Here's what I got!

A photo album, slap bracelets (!!!) and love cuffs. haha.
Plus a bunch of Hershey kisses that were gone within minutes of opening the package!

My package was from Megan at Greetings From Texas!
She is super adorable and I love her posts!
You should go follow her too!

And of course, a big Thanks to Megan at O. is Me!

Ps. Have you signed up to win some birthday goodies?!?


  1. love cuffs, omg!!! oooh and i want slap bracelets!

  2. slap bracelets!!! omg i used to love those things!!!

  3. oh my goodness, she is too cute for words!!!

  4. Loved the post! Glad/hope you liked your swag. Aren't slap bracelets the best? I hope they make a come back! =)

  5. First of all, your little girl is just OMGADORABLEEEEE!!!!! Happy 8 months to her!!!!

    And seriously, slap bracelets and love cuffs are hilarious. Megan sent some really funny stuff!! Thank you for participating in our swap! I'm happy that you had so much fun with it!!!

  6. Eight months! I goes way to fast. My son is THREE tomorrow. I cant believe it. She is absolutely precious!


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