The Busy Giffs: What to Buy When You're Expecting.

January 10, 2012

What to Buy When You're Expecting.

I always joke around that David and I jumped the gun on things and went much faster than anyone else. I mean, we were engaged in 6 months, married 8 months later and had Emmalee 10 months later. I wouldn't change it for the world but now my friends are starting to "catch up". More are getting engaged and even more are pregnant. Honestly, I love it! And since I'm one of the first of our friends to have a baby, they've all asked me what are the "must haves" for their baby registries.

I figure this will help anyone and everyone who needs my advice and feel free to comment with your own recommendations so they can see what others have to say too! 

According to the bump you need all of this and I've taken the liberty of changing their list.

I must preface by saying I am not a normal first time mom. I trust instinct and my mom more than any of the "What to Expect" books. I think dirt is good for kids and falling down helps them learn to get back up. I don't pamper Emmalee because every habit you form is one you have to break. I also refuse to spend ridiculous amounts on things that are "unnecessary" so I skipped out on some things and honestly, I didnt even miss them. So take my list as a very laid back momma and feel free to trust your own gut as well.

Pajamas-- My favorite are the Carters snap bottom sleep and plays. We have a ton of zipper ones but the snaps are much easier for a 3 am diaper change. Also the open bottom gowns were amazing for night time changes. .

A forehead thermometer, obviously much easier than the ear.
Gentle laundry detergent--- My advice, Dreft smells wonderful but Tide Free & Gentle does the same thing at half the cost.

This is the best piece of advice I can give: Go buy this. The Rock N Play sleeper is the best thing ever given to us. It is WAY cheaper than a bassinet, much more mobile and is super helpful if the baby is reflux-y at all. It is pretty much my go to gift for pregnant mommas at this point.

Music box, sound machine or CD player : Buy The Sleep Sheep or the Fisher Price Seahorse instead.

Baby monitor -- We used this and loved it. It has two listening ends so we could keep one in the bedroom and one in the living room so we weren't moving it back and forth.

A Diaper pail, and refills! Those little guys can get expenisve!

A bouncy seat like this one.

Diapers in a BUNCH of sizes. Emmalee used maybe 200 Newborn diapers, tops. Thankfully we had size 1's already bought for when she was ready to move up a size.
Swing -- make sure it has a wall plug, otherwise you will destroy your batteries. We used a Fisher Price Swing.

A play gym: Emma used hers from day one at home. It has definately helped with her hand eye coordination and her eye strength!
An entertainer. We love the jumperoo ones and Emma's been using hers since about 4 months.

A changing pad--- we simply bought a pad and put it on top of Emma's dresser with a Munchkin Baby Care Cart next to it.  When she's too big to change on the dresser, all we have to do is move the pad, rather than have spent over $100 on a piece of furniture that we could no longer use.
A good travel system. Chicco is fabulous but we've done amazingly well with our Graco system as well. And it was $100 less than the Chicco.

Bottles, whether your are breastfeeding or formula feeding. I personally love the Avent ones. We've been able to go back and forth between breast and bottle and they have the fewest pieces out of the bottles we've used. We had bad luck with Tippee and Breastflow, just so you know.
High chair -- we use a portable one (read: we have a small apartment so we strap it on to a chair instead of taking up space with a full size one.

A Boppy pillow. Even if you're not nursing.  It's a great little prop up for baby and gives them that cuddled feeling.

Hemorrhoid wipes and cream (can become necessary after labor, even if pregnancy was free of problems…sorry, I had no issues/tearing during my pregnancy and I still used Tucks pads for almost 2 weeks. 

For nursing moms:
 1-3 nursing bras (Breasts swell following birth, so start with one size larger than your maternity bra. Wait until size settles down -- about two weeks after birth -- to purchase additional bras.) I'm a big fan of Target's ones.
Nursing pads-- Lansinoh works wonders for me and each box has a coupon for milk stoarge bags so you're saving some more as well!
 Milk storage bags-- the least expensive I've seen is Lansinoh bags.
A pump-- if you plan on pumping. I love. love. love. love. love. love. love my Avent pump. I know many people swear my medlea and Avent but I used this, got the same amount as I did with the Medela and paid 60% of the price! It's also only 5 pieces so it's every easy to clean!

If you feel like it, get these:
A Bumbo seat-- they can't use it right away but Emma liked sitting up so we used it a good amount. I actually use it most when we travel, because it makes a fabulous portable high chair when you go away for the weekend :)
A ring sling. Emma didn't like the Bjorn until almost 4 months old so the ring sling saved our lives in the early months.

A Pack and Play--- at almost 7 months, we still haven't used ours.
Rocking or arm chair -- I'm on the fence about this. I had to have a rocker and I think we used it all of 10 times. It's still in her room hoping it becomes a reading spot when she grows up.

Things I think are a waste of money  that we didn't use, never saw a need for, or was given but never used:
A wipe warmer-- it's just another habit you'll have to break later.
Bottle warmer -- it only takes a minute to warm it up.
Nursing covers-- that's what receiving blankets are for.
Swaddle blankets-- Emmalee only was swaddled for 3 days then decided she was all done with it.

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Any products you absolutely needed??


  1. I loved this and you sure covered it all.The only thing I can think of to add might be a good diaper rash cream. My mother always told me to use bag balm and it worked wounder's it is also great for sore nipples after breast feeding and to put on your feet at night to help with dry heals love that stuff so many uses lol.

  2. Gripe water and gas drops for those first few weeks. Gripe water especially to help soothe those upset tummies or help the hiccups.


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