The Busy Giffs: Target Tuesday!

January 3, 2012

Target Tuesday!

Target Tuesday!
I die.
It's like a free pass to pine over things I want.

I figured since I'm sitting here eating my egg whites and low fat turkey sausage after taking a mile long run this morning (yes, you read that right-- go me!), I'd use today's Target Tuesday as an excuse to browse some supercute workout gear!

They also have them in a raspberry and a lime green. I would show off my legs for those bad boys.

also in a bunch of fabulous colors.

I need one in every color please.

Stay hydrated with a Nalgene Water Bottle

I literally just put on here everything I wear when I do go to the gym.
Today it was black capris, a super fun bright blue sports bra and a coral tank top.
I can't wear pants or sleeves at the gym for some reason...
How about you? What do you wear when you work out?

And if you're interested, head over to Fabulousbutevil and link up!

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