The Busy Giffs: Schedules.

January 24, 2012


Emmalee's bedtime is pretty concrete.

If I'm working, I get home between 5 and 6 pm and I immediately nurse her.
She's happy and plays with her toys while I make dinner for Dave and I (or a Lean cuisine if he's a work).
I eat & feed her some solids.

Then it's playtime.
Usually a tea party or chasing blocks across the floor or her just jumping up and down while I hold her and screaming as loud as she can. 
It's a fun game.

Around 7:30 it's time for a tubby.
Then we read a couple stories together
and then she nurses herself to sleep sometime around 8:30.

Then it's mommy's turn to play/
Usually a bout of Facebook stalking, blogging, checking my emails and a obviously some pinning.
It's a fun game.

Then I take the hottest shower my skin can handle.
Follow it up with some reading in bed and I'm out.

I mean, if I nursed myself to sleep, we'd be pretty similar.

I guess my question is:
Is Emmalee the way she is because of me?
Or have I changed to be more like her?
How much influence really exists in the parent/child exchanges;
whose influencing who?

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