The Busy Giffs: Jason Wu at Target!? Gasp!

January 10, 2012

Jason Wu at Target!? Gasp!

I'm not much of a fashion expert.
I long for names but live on a Salvation Army budget.
I make the best of it, and thankfully, Target helps!

They just announced after such amazing collaborations with Mizrahi and Missoni, they have announced their newest collaboration...

He has some amazingly beautiful items. His items are perfectly fresh and preppy but super feminine as well. 
And starting February 5th, he'll have a line at Target!
I am thrilled!!
Please take a look at these prices and I'm sure you'll be thrilled as well!

$40 dresses and $30 sweaters!
So here's a peek at the rest of his line coming out?

What's your favorite piece?

Cmon February 5th! I cant wait!

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