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January 25, 2012

For The Princess

I am super excited about this!
Ok, well, I would be more excited if we were in a position to spend money on things buuuuut I still feel like I need to share because it's such a fabulous event if you have to have new things for your baby.

Personally, I love the gifts and hand me downs that were given to us but when we wanted a jumperoo for Emmalee, no one had one so we had to buy one. Luckily I found one at a second hand store so I paid a fraction of the cost.

Thankfully we don't need any baby gear for Emmalee but here's the scoop.

If you bring in any old car seat, stroller, travel system, high chair, pack and play, bassinet, walker, swing, bouncer, jumperoo, or crib, they will give you a 25% off coupon to put towards a new one! It doesn't even have to be the same thing!
I could bring in Emmalee's old bouncer seat and get a 25% coupon and use it on a new jogging stroller (wink wink)! I think you have to use the coupon that day so be prepared to spend money when you go!
It runs from the 27th of this month until Feb 20th.
So if you acn get your hands on an old piece of gear-- go save yourself 25%!

And since it's Wednesday...

We'll keep with the baby theme and here's some of my favorite pins from my "For the Princess" board!

Please buy this for me...

This will be in my home (when I finally have one)... them anything.

All of the images via Pinterest!


  1. Love that little Audrey Hepburn girl. So cute! And this is my Keg Stand shirt is hilarious! Love 'em! Great pins girl!

    Hope you have a terrific Wednesday!


  2. these little kids are adorable :] love the first pin with the little girl in that dress! rockin' audrey hepburn :]

    great pins girl!

  3. haha I know how you feel about the money. All these pins makes me wish I could just grow money on trees!

    The Magnolia Pair


  4. I LOVE that Audrey costume, so cute. I have it pinned as well. You left a comment on my blog asking what program I used to design my page. I actually used Picasa which is a free download and created a photo collage. It was pretty easy and I'm not tech savvy at all. You can e-mail me at if you want more info on the navigation bar and such. I just didn't want to take up half your page with a tutorial on how to do it =)

  5. I really like the time out stool & that keg stand shirt is adorable.


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