The Busy Giffs: Books 4 & 5

January 20, 2012

Books 4 & 5

Yey! Another week and 2 more books!! 
I keep on this pace and I'll read 100 books this year! 
But let's be honest.. I won't.

This week I read:

I took all of your advice and I read it.
I can't say I loved it.
Maybe that's just because I can't stand the lead character Darcy.
I feel like I have a Darcy in my life so maybe I was just all set with her.
It was a good book though. I really enjoy how Emily Giffin writes so I'm sure I'll read her other books as well.

I have to admit... I got this book, read 4 chapters and put it on hold while I read Something Borrowed.
Ehhh... it was a super quick easy read but nothing I'd pick up again.
I really enjoyed Shopaholic so I was hoping to love this but sadly, no luck. 
Good but not great.

That's 5. :)

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