The Busy Giffs: 50 Book Challenge Attempt #2

January 7, 2012

50 Book Challenge Attempt #2

Last year I attempted the 50 Book Challenge.
I wanted to do it, I really did but I had a full semester of classes in the spring (read: I had too much academic work to want to read for fun) and an impending pregnancy that left me fast asleep after reading 2 pages so I didn't get very far, but this year, even though the library hasn't announced that they're doing it, I'm going to try again.

I will read 50 books this year.
I read one yesterday. That's right.
One whole book already.
If I keep up this pace, I'll be right on target.

I read....

I'm a bit of a geek, reading all of the books once I got sucked into the Tv show.
This is book #9 of the series and my wonderful little sister just gave me book #10 to read next!
I'm currently a few chapters into Something Borrowed and maybe I'll make my way through all of her books next... Although I do have the Hunger Games waiting patiently for me as well...

Any other recommendations?
What are you reading now?

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