The Busy Giffs: Looking Back.

December 30, 2011

Looking Back.

With the hours of 2011 quickly dwindling, I thought we'd take a walk down memory lane...


I started a blog and a bucket list
Attempted a 30 Day Blog Challenge
Felt my daughter move.
Almost lost Sable.


Passed up an apartment in Wareham and stayed in New Bedford.
Moved to Nemasket Place.
Nick went to Korea.
I turned 25 (!!)


Made a little girl's dream come true.
David finally got to see Elton John in concert.
We celebrated at a wedding.


We attended childbirth class and had a baby shower!
We ran away to Provincetown for a few nights for our last "vacation" as just the 2 of us.
Swallowed my pride and got help from WIC


David was unexpectedly unemployed.
I got antsy and a small child predicted I'd have a girl.
David got his new baby while I waited for mine.


Had a maternity photo shoot with the gorgeous Jenny.
My due date came and went.
We finally admitted that we needed help.
Emmalee was born!!!


Celebrated the 4th of July with my family.
Started watching the twins.
Met Brad Paisley and Jerrod Neimann. NBD.


David and I celebrated our one year anniversary.
And started our "almostsingleparent" lifestyle.
Saw Kenny Chesney at Gillette and lived through Irene.


Moved into the new place.


My laptop spontaneously combusted. I can't make this up.
We took Emmalee apple picking with some friends.
Emmalee got to celebrate her first Halloween.


Emmalee tried out some solid food for the first time, just in time for Thanksgiving!
And momma made out like a bandit on Black Friday.


We continued our tradition of going to the Festival of Trees.
And celebrated our first Christmas as a family.

It was an amazing year and hopefully, 2012 will be just as wonderful. 

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