The Busy Giffs: How do you get all your FREE stuff?

December 22, 2011

How do you get all your FREE stuff?

With Christmas coming up, I know everyone is strapped for cash right now.
(If you've got extra, let me know, I can take some off your hands!)
It's no secret that I am super frugal and I obviously have my secrets buuuut I'm in the mood to share...

These are the websites I use to get free stuff. 
I highly suggest you check them out and sign up too!

Search & Win


This is my favorite one. It's so so simple to earn points either using the toolbar search engine or playing games. You can watch videos and get points for that too! I've already earned gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, and even Paypal! Yea, legit cash for searching on the web like I already do! I think these points accumulate faster than any other site so it's quicker to cash in for free stuff!



I like this one because it's got some great rewards/samples! You do "quicktaps" which give you a quick amount of points.  Depending one how many quicktaps you do for a company, you get to earn thier badge and be eleigible for great samples and rewards. A friend of mine got a FREE Old Navy outfit simply because she had their badge on here. Old Navy sent her a coupon for the full purchase price and got new jeans, a sweater and a scarf! I ended up getting the Old Navy badge the next day so I'm hoping I get a good gift in the mail soon!

The nice thing about this site, is that its NOT a point site! Everyday they offer 1 free item (+ $2 shipping) and the selection is always varied! One day its a piece of jewelry, last week they had Cars and Princess dish sets for kids.. so it's always changing. The site updates at noon (EST) everyday with new items. Other than the one free item, there are 8 more at a ridiculously low price. About a month ago, they had a hoodie from Motherhood for $10, it retails for over $40. Plus they have what they call insanity deals. I've never gotten one but my friend Tim did, which sucks because I referred him to the site! But he got a PS3 for $27!!! Jealous doesn't even describe it!!


I actually use this one for David!
Bing doesn't have a ton of rewards yet but they do Microsoft points and XBOX Live time through their rewards. Since David LOVES his XBOX this is an easy way for me to get him time and points on the XBOX without spending money! It has a super convenient toolbar that you can download and you get points for every search, every time you get someone else to sign up for Bing rewards and they are currently offering special daily rewards! Yesterday was a free month of XBOX Live! Yes please!

So those are some of my secrets, maybe I'll share more another day!

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