The Busy Giffs: Swaps!

November 16, 2011


So one of my favorite things about blogs are giveaways! Seriously, if you try and tell me you hate free stuff, I'm going to call you a liar! However, another really great thing I've seen are swaps. Where you simply hookup with a group of other bloggers and the person in charge assigns partners and you swap! I signed up for my first one and got partnered up with Jessica who went way above and beyond the requirements of a scarf and a warm drink!

A great Merona scarf, hot chocolate (my favorite!), the easiest excuse for apple crisp and some Starbucks, which David highjacked!

Made me so happy so I'm thinking I want to do another!
With the holidays upon us, it seems like a really great time to participate in a swap!

Here's the fine print:

1. If you want to participate, email me at by December 1st!
Include: your name, address, and blog url (if you have one!)

2. You will receive the information on who you are going to send your package to on December 3rd.

3. Shop away! I'm asking that you stay within a $20 budget, this should be fun not an extra stress!

4. Mail your package out by December 10th.

5. Enjoy when you get yours in the mail ( and blog about it if you'd like!)

Hope you join up!!

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