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November 26, 2011

Oh, I'm a terribly busy blogger.

First off, yikes! It's been almost a full week! It's been a crazy busy week but since I was able to sleep with Emmalee for a solid 11 hours last night, I feel awake, energized and better than I have all week! So Laundry is going, dishes are in the dishwasher and I'm ready to blog again!

First off,

I hope yours was as amazing as ours was.

We started our morning at the Graffam's. This year was hard because Ryan just passed away and it was only fitting that the first shot of Jeremiah Weed was toasted to him. Yea, morning, shots... welcome to crazy traditions.  My husband has known these guys for years and this is their tradition.  Starting around 9 am, they take shots of Jeremiah Weed toasting to things they are thankful for. It's insane and I am yet to participate officially (last year I was pregnant, this year Emmalee is still nursing) but next year I'm already scared. The stuff smells terrible but who am I to stop "family" traditions.

After shots and a breakfast of grand marnier soaked french toast, it was off to my Nannie's for lunch/dinner. We had 31, yes 31, people at my grandmother's this year! I come from a HUGE family. My mom is one of 5 kids, I'm one of 5 kids and I have over 20 cousins plus, including Emmalee, there's at least 6 great grand kids already and we're waiting on another to be born any day! Yikes! Plus my friend Casey and her boyfriend Steve came and spent Thanksgiving with us.  So many people, so much food and seriously, just the greatest day. I'll post some pictures as soon as mom uploads her camera because... I didn't have my camera with em and I took a total of zero pictures. Ooops.

But speaking of cameras... I'm getting a new one!
My new camera!! I've been pining over it and it was at a ridiculous price of only $100 at Target on Black Friday! My aunt was crazy kind enough to give me $100 Target gift card as an early Christmas gift to put towards it and I was able to purchase it online Thanksgiving morning for the Black Friday sale price. Did I mention free shipping and 4% back into Emmalee's Upromise account?! Yey! It will be here in about a week and I can't wait to start playing with it. Expect a huge picture overload, well.. more than normal ;)

Also, Black Friday got us a new Xbox 360 (which selling his old one will pay 2/3 of!), the newest Harry Potter movie,  a couple video games and just about all of our Christmas shopping done! I'm very happy about that. I was afraid Christmas would suck this year but as long as I can figure out a PERFECT gift for my mom, we're all done!

Also an update about our living arrangements: while we were able to move some things to be able to financially afford to move to Plymouth, our current lease is unbreakable so we have no options to move.  Our community manager is willing to attempt to re-rent our unit but there is one vacant unit now so that one will need to be rented first. I got in touch with Plymouth and they will keep us in the loop about available units as they present themselves but unless we can get this place rented, we will be here until September.  I'm mad that we missed the opportunity to move but I guess it just means we're supposed to be in New Bedford for a reason for now.  I can only cross my fingers that it means something good. 
For those of you who don't know, David and I had been looking at houses in Middleboro, even went as far as applying for the loan and we found out that someone had submitted an offer and accepted it the day before we were supposed to sign papers for our loan.  A week later I found out I was pregnant. We NEVER would have been able to afford it or get the help that we needed during the Great Unemployment Period of Summer 2011 if we had been there. I am thankful everyday that something stood in our way and I can only hope this is the same situation, hopefully minus the pregnant part, I'm all set with that right now...

But otherwise, things are good.  David is cross training at the restaurant so that he can look at stepping up, which would be a pay increase, the transfer employee who came to my store and ended up getting my management hours is retiring at the end of December so I'll be managing again next year, and Emmalee is growing up and developing just the way she's supposed to. I just ordered our Christmas cards, will be picking them up soon and then I get to flip the switch for the holidays! Next time you log in, there will be a new decor on the blog and the holidays will begin!

Ps. Have you signed up for the Holiday Swap yet?? Only a couple more days! :)

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