The Busy Giffs: I must be crazy.

November 19, 2011

I must be crazy.

It is no secret that I have wanted to move back to Plymouth since the day I moved out. My friends are there, I know the area and most importantly, my family is there. It's where I'm comfortable and where I fit in. However, since Dave and I moved in together we have been looking for a chance to move back.

Last night, we got it.

A 2 bedroom apartment, that will take 2 puppies for the exact same price we are paying to live in New Bedford with heat and hot water included (just like here!).

But here's the thing... we just moved. Like, JUST moved. We've lived here long enough to have a fire and settle in and that's about it. How do I justify attempting to move again? But then again, its taken over two years for this opportunity, how long will we have to wait again until there's something available that fits for us, in Plymouth.

The downsides: Plymouth apartment is 100 square feet smaller, is considered a second floor apartment because it's up a half flight of stairs, we'd have to pack up and move again.

Plus sides: We'd be in Plymouth, its the same exact price as what we are paying now, which would still include a pool and a playground (did I mention their playground is fenced in? The one here isn't...), we could have our puppies and be an exit away from my mom, rather than 45 minutes away.

Other considerations:
- There's a Friendlys right there that I could transfer to if I wanted and Dave could stay at his store, it would still the same commute for him time wise.
-We woudln't have to worry about moving again when Emmalee starts school.
- Dave and I would be able to have a night out because we would have family closer to watch her.
- In addition to being closer to my immediate family, it's much easier to get to my extended family from Plymouth than from New Bedford.

So I guess I need help.

Can I justify packing up our lives again and moving into a smaller apartment just so that we can be in Plymouth? I know one of the great debates in real estate is location vs. size vs. price and this is that exactly. What do you do when they're the same price? One is smaller and you would have to move but it's where you want to be, and the other is where you are and bigger but you can't wait to get out?

What would you do?


  1. Well, the one thing that popped into my mind is, would you be sacrificing a security deposit? I know that times can be tough so losing $1000+ can be a huge hit, especially having to pay a new security deposit in a new place. That's one big factor to consider.

    All other factors make it sound like this is the place for you. If being closer to family is worth losing 100 square feet (which in my opinion, is totally worth it), then go! Momma Sal would be thrilled to have you close by.

    I think Emmalee is too small to really absorb any big changes at this point (as long as it's not disrupting sleeping/feeding, etc.), but in the long run it's better for her - Plymouth is safer and a better area than NB.

    Good luck figuring it out!

  2. I have to agree with Casey...unless you are going to take a hit on the security deposit...I say go for it! You might not get this opportunity again for a while, I think the space sacrifice is worth it to be closer to family and in an area you are comfortable with. Plus if you are getting the place in Plymouth for the same price as you are paying in NB, that's got to be a sweet deal.

    I can tell you from experience, from my brief stint of living in NB I felt SO ISOLATED, I was so far away from my family, my friends, and I was in a town I was totally unfamiliar with. Granted, I grew to at least tolerate it, even like it sometimes but when I came back to live in Taunton, it made a world of difference in how I felt personally.

    Bottom line, in the long run I think you guys will be better off, so totally run with it! Good luck!!!

  3. your friends are very smart


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