The Busy Giffs: First Solids & Veteran's Day

November 11, 2011

First Solids & Veteran's Day

Emmalee has been showing a TON of interest in our food lately, grabbing at what's in our hands, following our forks with her eyes and opening her mouth as we eat so we figured even though she is just shy of 5 months, we would give it a try today!

We finally opened up her amazing space saving high chair and started her with just a bit of rice cereal! She wasn't so sure at first. but within a few minutes she was pushing herself forward and opening her mouth when the spoon would come towards her!

Looks like we'll be starting on some veggies soon! :)

And it's Veteran's Day! I actually have the day off which is crazy, but since Emmalee's favorite service member is currently in Ohio, I think... he's all over the place right now, we figure'd we would send him a couple pictures to say THANKS for what he does! One of my favorite things about my brother is that no matter how many times he is thanked, or how many times someone shakes his hand, he always says "I'm just doing what I do", just that simple. 

My family has always been extremely involved in the service, still is!, and today is a really great day to say thanks to all of them for everything they've done and are doing. 

And finally...

Today is also 11/11/11. Although I'm disgusted at how many people are getting married today, i'd like to think the day holds some luck to it. At 11:11 am I took a picture. I mean, I had to document it... it's not like I'll be around in a 1000 more years when it happens again...

And yes, I'm one of those suckers who makes a wish every time I see 11:11 and you know what I wished for today?


I'm sitting in my apartment with my daughter, next to my husband whose playing video games and I couldn't think of one thing that warranted a wish that special that I needed. So instead I closed my eyes and kissed the smallest love of my life, I already have a life better than I could ever wish for. <3

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