The Busy Giffs: Companies, Bloggers, and Giveaways!

November 5, 2011

Companies, Bloggers, and Giveaways!

Are you a How I Met Your Mother fan?
I am. I love the show, so much that it gets DVR'd because Dave and I will watch it together later on in the week if he has to work that night. A quick little piece of this week's episode talked about Facebook and how "no one cool is on Facebook anymore", thank you Barney, but "everyone's parents are on it now". I have to agree with the latter part but I feel the need to add to it. Not only is everyone and their mother, literally, on Facebook, it has become the new Yellow Pages.

Almost every single company has a Facebook page. These companies range from large country wide stores like Target and Pampers to self run companies like Talula's Boutique and Tastefully Simple by Adrianna. (And yes, I frequent all of those pages regularly, you should too!) In addition to many companies, I lot of bloggers have set up Facebook pages as well.

Honestly, I started one but because this blog is a not for profit sort of thing, the exposure across so many outlets just seemed too time consuming for me and even though I still have the Facebook page, I rarely post to it. However, I do know some bloggers who are amazing at it and I want to give them a little bit of a spotlight.
...And did I mention some of these blogs are doing giveaways?!?  Good luck!

I absolutely adore Annie and had the pleasure of meeting her at the Brad Paisley concert. I actually won those seats through her and her association with another blog! As a teacher and a mommy, I find so many of her stories enjoyable but honestly, she does the best giveaways and this one is no exception... She is giving away an autographed copy of The Night Before Thanksgiving!! Head on over and try and win!

I love Tara's blog and often link up to it for Target Tuesday but she is doing a giveaway with Scentsy and I am seriously hoping I win this one as well, but since I'm nice I can share and you can try out your luck as well! She's also doing a Nail Polish Swap if anyone is interested!

A Girl in Pearls

A Girl in Pearls & A Boy With Toys

Ok, so maybe I'm biased because she featured me as a Pearly Blogger, but I LOVE her Etsy shop and as soon as we have disposable income again (ha!), I will be spending some of it there! She is doing a fabulous giveaway for 25 free Shutterfly Holiday cards! David and I have used Shutterfly in the past to print up pictures and we did Emmalee's birth announcement through them as well!

Addicted 2 Savings 4 U

She is craaaaazy. She blogs about coupon previews, coupon match ups and documents how she gets $30 worth of stuff for like .08 cents, I kid you not. She currently has a link up for 25 free prints from Walgreens if you have some photos you need printing!

And MamaCheaps, who literally has an entire page of her blog devoted to Freebies. I check her blog at least once a day because there is always something new going up either as a giveaway or a freebie. You can also follow her Facebook page, if you want more up to the minute updates-- I do!

And (finally!) for all those Mama's who read my blog...

Highchair Critics, which is run by Huggies, is doing a giveaway on their blog as well for 6 months of free diapers! Even if you're not a mama, go over and try and win that bad boy for me! ;)

I figure with the holidays coming up, and the economy the way it is, we could all use a little boost and why not try and win a few things or get a few freebies!? If you do go to these sites, please let them know that Heather from Keeping Up With the Giffords sent you!

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  1. Just seeing your awesome shout out now!!! Thank you so much! And guess who won the signed copy of The Night Before Thanksgiving! Send me your address, woman! Congrats!


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