The Busy Giffs: 5 Months Already?!?

November 13, 2011

5 Months Already?!?

Now I'm going to sound super cliche but seriously, where did the time go?
I can't believe my little bug is already 5 months old!

You just started solid foods a couple days ago but you make me laugh when I move the spoon and you lunge out at it and make a little growl noise as you close your mouth. I'm sure you are going to LOVE when we start introducing fruits and veggies.

You look so tall in this picture!!
You still hate your crib. If you are completely asleep, I can put you in it and get 5-7 hours out of you in it or I can put you in it awake and you'll fall asleep on your own but only sleep for an hour or two. If I let you sleep in the Rock N Play, you will sleep all night on a regular basis. If you do wake up, it's always at 3 am and you eat and go right back to sleep.

You and the pups are really becoming friends.  You giggle and kick when they come over to you and Sable likes to roll in front of you so you can "rub" her belly.  Really, you just grab her fur and she looks at me like "Heeeeeelp". Bailey loves to give you kisses and you giggle every time she does.

Looks like we're going to have to start ironing on the month tags...
You are starting to recognize your name and look over when we call you. You aren't crawling yet but you get closer to it every day.  We'll put you on your back with your feet facing in one direction and minutes later you're on your belly facing the other way!! 
You laugh at mommy's silly "pee pee diaper" song and you know it's tubby time and kick your feet until you get in the water!

I'm just so in love with you and when you look this cute its so hard NOT to take photos of you all day!

And speaking of taking photos...
Someone got all dressed up to meet a very special man in a red suit.
We're waiting for those pictures but we did take a few before we left to go see him... 

Can't wait to share the others! 

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  1. Wow... 5 months already! It feels like just yesterday I was visiting you in the hospital and you guys were taking her home! I swear, she gets more beautiful every day. #modelbaby


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