The Busy Giffs: Apple Pickin'

October 10, 2011

Apple Pickin'

Today was wonderful.
We went apple picking with our friend Amanda!

Originally we had kind of been against the whole "lets drag the kid into the hot sun and dry farm to take pictures of her awkwardly slumped against an ugly pumpkin" thing. We figured we'd just buy some pumpkins and do those pictures at home but when we realized we both had today off and a friend mentioned they were going, we decided to join.

Ya, shes adorable. :)
Well there were NO apples, until we kind of crossed the roped off section... I mean we were technically still on the correct side of the rope, we were just leaning over a bit...
And then as we walked back for the hayrides, the line was just too much and the bug was going on about 2 and half hours without feeding so we decided to call it quits. We'll go to the grocery store and get pumpkins and do pictures then. I am a bit sad because she wore her special "Great Pumpkin" onesie, but she can always wear it again. :)

She's clearly exhausted from apple pickin'. :)

And while we're looking at her sleeping... big news...

I just put her to bed in her crib!!

Ok, so maybe the bolded letters are a bit excessive but it's the first night we've tried. I don't have to work tomorrow morning so after our appointment in the morning, we can be lazy all day if we need to be. I have one monitor set up right next to the computer desk and the other is right next to the bed in our room and I'm sure I'll barely sleep tonight but my little bean is growing and is starting to kick off the bottom of her Rock N Play sleeper and is getting herself half rolled over but because of the incline and its design, she gets stuck and it makes me nervous... 

Cross your fingers for a successful first night! 

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  1. Heather she is beautiful and I hope her first night in the crib went wonderfully!


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