The Busy Giffs: It's official...

October 24, 2011

It's official...

I am one of those moms. And the worst part is, I'm such a hypocrite about it.

It seriously used to drive me crazy when I would see people whose Facebook became overrun by their kids:
Seriously, you're kid is cute but I don't really want to see them in every outfit they own nor do I want to see the first time they use the big boy potty (and yes, someone posted it in all its glory one day); I don't care about every single bowel movement you have during your pregnancy. If your status is a running dialogue of everything you did in the past two hours with your baby, I don't really care, but I do it too!!

Ok, so I'm not nearly as bad as those examples, and yes they do happen... please visit one of the greatest blogs ever for some more examples, but I have become one of those moms. I don't put up pictures of Emmalee's diapers or me breastfeeding her, but we have tubby pictures, while demurely covered in a Babies R Us washcloth. I don't do a running commentary but if we're friends on Facebook, you know that she's hit some major developmental milestones already.

I think my daughter is so stinkin cute that I just feel the need to share with the world. Not to be like, my kid is cuter than yours but because I hope she can make you smile as much as she makes me smile and honestly, based on the outpouring of comments and "likes" I have to think the world agrees. But I need to know, are my postings "cute" and "adorable" and "the bright spot of your day", or have I become a Facebook mommy-jacker? (And if you don't get the reference... click that link above!)


We've reverted back to the old name of "Keeping Up With the Giffords". It makes me giggle everytime I hear it, thinking fondly of my friend's original tagline when I told her: "The Kardashian's have nothing on us!" and I feel like it really just captures what I write about more than anything else.  While I will continue to review products and have giveaways, I'm just happier with the original name. :)


  1. I do the same, it just can't be helped! I read your feature on A girl in pearls blog. I have an 8 month old baby girl and love reading other mommy blogs! ~Andrea

  2. Your posts are completely acceptable because:
    1) You keep it appropriate at all times
    2) For friends that don't see you often, you give really great updates that keep us all informed
    3) Your child is pretty much ... no.. IS the cutest baby I have ever seen... even at 7 hours old when I first laid eyes on her
    4) Yes, every single one of your posts brings the hugest smile to my face
    5) I love reading your posts and blogs because you are honest... that and I just really wanted to have 5 bullet points :-)

  3. Awww thanks! I wish I knew who this is!


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