The Busy Giffs: Guest Post: Emmalee!

October 20, 2011

Guest Post: Emmalee!

Welcome to Emmalee's first post!

Ok, maybe not really...

...ok so she can't type, or even speak yet, but it's her toy so I figure'd I would let her have a moment!

We were contacted by Lamaze to test out their new Tummy Time Air Mat and we obviously jumped at the chance! The mat itself if extremely soft and comfortable and the bright designs kept Emmalee's attention. When we did tummy time before she would cry after about 5 minutes or, more recently, just roll over so she didn't have to do it anymore. We were going on almost 20 minutes when I finally picked her up. I loved the mesh (read:breathable) support structure that kept her elevated. I think that may be what made the difference.  The great thing is that it's repositional so you can move it to either end. My favorite part of the whole mat is the stand up sun mirror! Emmalee is so enthralled with the baby in the mirror, it's nice to have something safe, and soft!, that I can put in the floor with her, rather than holding her up to the wall! Guess what her favorite part of it is....

If you can't tell... she LOVES that little crinkly piece of corn. :) She gets pretty upset because its on 1/2 inch piece of fabric so she can't get it all the way up to her mouth. Other than the piece of corn, its perfect! We keep it set up and she spends a good amount of each day on it; if you have a small child I highly recommend it!! (Disclaimer:: Although we were given this tummy time mat in exchange for our review, all opinions are our own!)

As much as she loves the crinkly piece of corn, we are lucky enough that we have a crinkly elephant from Bright Starts so she has been playing with that the past few days and because it's not attached to anything, she can put it right in her mouth, which is where everything is going these days. Her bottom gums on the left side is looking whitish and she's super drooly so she may have started the teething process! Hopefully we still have a few months before they try and pop out!

And I need help!

These are her favorite little shoes. They stay on longer than any pair of socks we have buuuuut even though they fit now, I cant imagine her fitting into these newborn shoes much longer.  Shes got little feet! They were given as a gift and I don't know where they were bought or where I can find more! The back has an elastic band so they're stretchy.. I don't even know what to call them in order to Google them! If you have any idea or know where I can find them, let me know! I need to keep those little piggies warm in the next few months!

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