The Busy Giffs: What a BIG Day!

September 13, 2011

What a BIG Day!

 So first off it's September 13th which means my little one is a whopping 3 months old already!
Let's AWWW together....

I'm in love with her! <3

So she doesnt go to the doctor for a 3 month check up so no new info on her length or weight but my goodness, I can promise you that she's growing! She sits up if you support her waist, and when you pull her up fro her arms, she holds her neck straight instead of flopping back. She still hates tummy time but she does it for a few minutes and is getting her head to an almost perfect 90 degree angle! She has full conversations and laughs, which is usually just a loud shriek and giggling which is new as of today.  She smiles when you smile at her and has started putting herself to sleep if I put her in her Rock N Play while sh'e's sleepy but not yet asleep. We're still waiting for the big rollover but I'd say she's doing just fine! :)

In other news, we're moving!!! Literally, a mile away! Haha. But we have been looking at this complex sinec we started living here. Our current apartment is a 950 square foot two bedroom. Its decent, its in a great location to our jobs buuuut its the bare minimum with no amenities. We moved here because they would take our pups. Well, welcome to Hidden Brook Apartments!

We will be moving into a 2 bedroom, 1150 square foot apartment with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and a new energy star approved heating system. Theres a washer and dryer IN the unit!!!!
It's still a ground floor apartment with walk in closets and plush carpets throughout. The maintenance guys are currently painting the walls and then we can pick up the keys on Friday!
In addition to a cleaner, prettier, bigger, newer apartment the complex has a community room, which can be rented out for a function, cough cough Emmalee's Baptism cough, a pool, a fitness center, a playground, a tennis court and basketball courts. Did I mention we'll only be paying $100 more than what we are now?!? I know, right?!? The downside is we need to be moved in by Friday the 23rd so that they can get the unit we are currently in ready for someone to move in on October 1st. We can do it... it will just be a bit crazy for a bit!

Its the best place to be in the long run.  It has more children, more family oriented amenities and we'll need the space as Emmalee grows. Are we out of New Bedford? Not really but until we can afford a house its the greatest place we could be and we plan on being there until we are ready to take that next step. <3

Ps. Did you sign up to win the Target Gift Card? Its the last day!!

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