The Busy Giffs: The Um... Thursday Update?

September 1, 2011

The Um... Thursday Update?

I truly am terrible at this now and I apologize.  Part of me is happy that I'm only posting about mundane things that really don't require me to blog/share everyday. My thoughts are just rambles and its never anything amazing.

We are both back in the swing of things, two full time jobs and surprisingly enough, we are making time for each other. After a crazy game of back and forth, we ended up going to Kenny Chesney's concert at Gillette Stadium, in the beginnings of Hurricane Irene! We met up and tailgated with some friends and our floor seats were wonderful! He always puts on a great show and I'm glad that in the end, we ended up going.

And the beginnings of Irene...

We are lucky that we live in a complex that has a high percentage of senior citizens because it makes us an NStar priority aaaand all the units has backup generators :) so we never lost power. We are VERY lucky! By biggest concern was how Emmalee would be, she doesn't need power to warm up her food but she likes the fan or her white noise machine to help her sleep and I wasn't sure what would happen without those. But since we didn't lose power, I guess it was fine!

Emmalee is growing so much everyday though.  She is still working on her neck control but gets stronger everyday and is now showing the beginning signs of rolling.  If shes on her belly, she'll start to rock back and forth a bit. Usually one of her arms is in the way and she cant quite make it but she still has a while to go before she hits that developmental milestone but its exciting anyways!

However my little piggy makes me nervous.  I pump at work so that I can continue to provide her with breast milk even when I'm not home.  Its time consuming and slightly obnoxious but its whats healthiest for her and will help her the most. Now I have NO problem with formula at all but where we are doing so well feeding, i want to be able to do it for as long as possible, which is funny because I didn't know if I'd be able to do it at all before she got here! Emmalee is 11 weeks old now (yikes!) and I've heard of the dreaded 11 week growth spurt but my god, can this child eat! 14 ounces while I was at work for 8 hours yesterday! I got home today at 4:30 and she was latched/falling in and out of sleep until 6.  Slept for a half hour while I had dinner and was back on from 6:30ish until 9. I'm concerned I wont be able to keep up with her much longer! I know I cant stress because that will simply hurt my supply but I hope she relaxes a bit because I am just keeping up with her while pumping and am not able to put away any extra like I had hoped to but it will work out...

You can feel the crispness in the air in the morning and summer is definitely ending but I am excited about the fall that's coming up and I cant wait for the coming months!

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