The Busy Giffs: Rachel Zoe & Michael Kors

September 28, 2011

Rachel Zoe & Michael Kors

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So I barely watch TV but when I do, it's either How I Met your Mother or Pretty Little Liars but I'm also a huge fan of some terrible shows. Dance Mom's is on right now and earlier I had on reruns of Rachel Zoe.

First off, Rachel, I love you. Plain and simple. But mostly I'm just jealous; have you seen her new house? As gorgeous as it is, not what I'm jealous about. Nope. At one point she grabs her phone and says "I'm going to call Michael" oh so nonchalantly and its not just any Michael, no its Michael Kors.

 Ugh. Not fair. I fell in love with him a la Project Runway, I'm obsessed with all of his work and she has his number just in his phone, talking about what she's wearing (back) when she's eight and a half month pregnant.

So, in an effort to regain my happiness, a slew of Michael Kors gorgeousness. All via Pinterest.

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