The Busy Giffs: Goodbye Summer

September 5, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Labor Day weekend has always marked the end of the summer.
When I was little, it was the last weekend of sleepovers before we had to redirect our attention to school and homework.
In 2004, it was move in weekend at Bridgewater just a few days before classes started.
Lately, its a non holiday. For the past four years I've worked inn a restaurant and they don't care how much you've labored, you're not getting a day off.
But this year, it's different. I only work at the restaurant on the weekends and the family I nanny for gives me weekday holidays off so I had a day off. It was hardly a day off between shopping for work clothes for Dave, going grocery shopping, laundry and dishes but now that Dave is at work and Emmalee is sleeping, things have wound down quite a bit.

My favorite part of today?

This. On repeat. In my head.
And it's only because of the opening verse.
Honestly though, I'm okay with it.

And speaking of favorites, with the end of the summer here, i think it's best to share my favorite parts of this summer...

Emmalee's Arrival

She joined us on June 13th and is the most amazing little girl in the world.
She sleeps through the night and takes a bottle from Dave.  She eats her hands and uses Bailey as a foot stool. She sleeps with her arms above her head and looks like Superman. She smiles, she tells stories, and she makes me feel like the greatest person in the whole wide world. She makes our family complete.

Malibu and Pineapple

Now I didn't get to drink many of them between being pregnant and then breastfeeding but, its like summer in my mouth.  They make me think of islands and will always make me feel like it's summer.

Meeting Brad Paisley

Ya, I met him. I won tickets through Queen of the Road's Facebook promo! It was amazing but since I wrote about it once already, I won't bore you again, just go read about it here.  And there is way more delicious country man-ness in there. ;)

Kenny Chesney Concert

David and I bought these seats way back in November during the pre-sale as our one year anniversary gift to ourselves. We struggled with keeping them but in the end, we attended. Mom watched Emmalee and we had such a great night.  It was only the second time we've gone out as just us since the little bug joined us (the first time being anniversary dinner in Plymouth!).


I missed the beach this year. I did miss the Plymouth nightlife with my friends and I missed out on many of the things I would normally have spent my summer doing but when I look at what I did do, I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

Goodbye Summer, it's been great but I'm ready to take on the Fall. <3

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