The Busy Giffs: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Here's a giveaway to say sorry...

September 26, 2011

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Here's a giveaway to say sorry...

I have been a terrible blogger but the joys of my laptop continue. It was NOT the power cord because the new one I received does NOTHING for my laptop but I'm starting to make this desktop feel like home, much to hubby dislike. The desktop is "his" because its our "gaming" computer for his WOW time but seriously my blog > WOW. Sorry hubs. <3

The good news is, we are all moved in! We have a few boxes left but they are our pretty glasses and some of his collectible stuff that we are probably not going to be putting out until the bug gets older and wont ruin it. Haha. And as soon as I buy some batteries today, I will be uploading pictures of the new place and taking you on a fabulous tour of the new homestead.

Mom and the kids, minus Abby, came over this weekend to see the place and like my mom said "It doesn't feel like an apartment, it feels like a home". Yes. Yes. Yes. May have to do with the fact that we've already hung curtains, which we didn't have in the old place or that we actually call it "home" and not "the apartment" but I am convinced it feels like home because I've already become more motherly in it. Emma's room is basically done and I have been baking! I haven't truly baked and been domestic in so long! I made the most amazing cupcakes the other day and, as promised, I have a giveaway for you! I give you...

Caramel Apple Cupcakes!

Yum, I know. And the best part... so simple! I guess you could say, Tastefully Simple?!? Haha, greatest segue ever. So here's the scoop. I am slightly obsessed with Tastefully Simple! I used a box of Nana's Apple Cake Mix, added all of the ingredients it called for and then separated into a cupcake pan. The caramel "frosting" was made with melting caramels and some heavy cream. I've seen people frost them with actual frosting and then  caramel but I skipped that part and just stuck with the caramel. :) Two weeks ago, when Angelina slept over, we made chili using Wahoo Chili seasoning and mmmm, mmm... so yummy! And we all are completely aware of my watermelon obsession during my pregnancy and the Watermelon Margaritas, made with club soda obviously!, are what got me through. I was messaging Adriana every day to find out if the watermelon was in stock!

But above all other products, I am obsessed with the Beer Bread! It has been my favorite thing since I was introduced to Tastefully Simple years ago. Absolute favorite way to eat it? Plain bread dipped in oil. Oh./my.goodness. And this is why I am extremely excited... Adriana is giving away It's That Simple gift pack!

It includes a box of Beer Bread, a package of Bountiful Beer Cheese Soup and a gorgeous bag all wrapped up! Interested? Do you want to win?? Here's what you have to do:

1. Follow my blog! 
<----- It's over there, just click!

2. "Like" Tastefully Simple By Adriana on Facebook!

and this is how your vote will count...

Tell her Heather from Good, Bad & Free sent you or tell her what your favorite product is or if you've never experienced Tastefully Simple, let her know what product you are most excited to try!!

On October 1st, Adriana will pick a winner and it will be announced here and on her Facebook wall!

Good luck!

Ps. This post is entirely my own words and thoughts and did not receive any compensation for doing so, I just really love this stuff!

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