The Busy Giffs: Christmas

November 1, 2011


So it's offically November which means... LETTERS to SANTA!!
Yes, I am a 25 year old child. I love Christmas. I love giving gifts and this year will be even greater since it's our first Christmas as a full family! Granted Emmalee doesn't get it yet but since family members are already asking about gifts, I figured I would devote this week's Target Tuesday to our Christmas wish lists!

I know it's terribly tacky but Emma's really too small for a lot of presents and she already has more clothes than I know what to do with so we would LOVE money to put away into her savings account or gift cards so we can buy her things she'll need (read: diapers and wipes) as the year goes on. But since I know people want to give real gifts, I give you:

She's already trying to sit up and this is just so cute!

Teething cover for her crib.. I know, I know.. a ton of kids ate paint chips buuuut I like this thing.

Being in such a great little neighborhood makes it easy to take walks, you know, when it's not snowing and I'd like to eventually get back to the contentment I had with my body before I got pregnant...

We use this in ALL of her baths and she's fast asleep right after!

These all go without saying... I have a HUGE Disney collection and really, they're the only DVD's I buy now.

We used our insurance money to actually catch up on bills from the maternity/unemployed era and didn't buy any fun gifts. Yes, I lost my laptop but I'd prefer to not owe any money than to spend the $200 on a camera that I don't actually need.

David is in love with Elton and since Elton wrote all of the music for Gnomeo, he's obsessed, and it's a super cute movie, so we think Emmalee would love it too.

Dave and I play Words with Friends pretty much only with each other and desperately want a Scrabble game so we can play together, instead of through our phones!

A tv stand, with doors. We bought a coffee table instead of a tv stand and now we need to justify that money before we spend it as well. 

A comfy computer chair. The fire burned the comfy chair we were using but again, we opted to pay off some debts rather than "splurge" on new things. We're currently using a folding chair so I would love a comfy chair like this.

I wish I could go buy all of these things right now, but I think this year is going to be low-key for our holidays. Although I'm sad Emmalee won't/doesn't understand Christmas yet, I'm kind of excited that we don't have the craziness of Santa yet! 
What's on your Target/Santa wish list??

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  1. I really want a new camera for christmas!!! Thanks for linking up! :)


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