The Busy Giffs: One year.

August 9, 2011

One year.

So its a couple days late but David and I had our one year anniversary on Sunday! We've been married for a full year! Yikes!

I, of course, spent all day on Sunday working so by the time I got home I was exhautsed and didnt want to do anything but we had Monday off so we went grocery shopping, did some chores and went to Plymouth.  Mom said she would watch Emmalee so Dave and I could have a bit of time alone.

Since we were married at the Radisson in Plymouth, they offered us a free dinner for our one year anniversary.  We went there and had crabcakes, baked scallops, steak tips and a peanut butter pie dessert! Yum! So great, and even better since it was free! :)

After that we walked over to Cupcake Charlies because I saw that the "Flavor of the Day" was Hot Fudge Sundae and that is one of mom's favorites; I figured it would be a good way to say thanks!

And since we ALL know my number one craving my whole prganncy was a frozen watermelon margarita so we went to Sams! So effing good! We played 2 rounds of pool, the firs of which was free because it was jammed and Dave unjammed it so we got a free game!

We ended up ebing out for about 3 hours and even though I wanted to text and ask how Emmalee was, I knew if I did mom would make fun of me and tell me to relax and enjoy myself so I didnt. Of course, when we got back to my moms she told us that Emma had been a bit of a brat. :(

Emmalee has been doing this weird thing where she will scream nonstop whenever I leave.  Yesterday morning, i had another interview with a family.  I had to get ready and Dave gave her a bottle while I was home.  She took it no problem, but when Im at work it take hours for her to take a bottle from him.  she gave mom a hard time as well.  as soon as I left the house yesterday, she screamed for 20 minutes, tired herself out and fell asleep. She does this all the time. How do I get her to stop? It reaks my heart but it hurts Dave even more because he feels like she hates him, when obviously she doesnt.

Speaking of Dave, he has an interview tomorrow! Cross your fingers!

Who would have thought that in a year we'd get married, get pregnant, move, lose a job, and have a baby! This has been a trying year at times but I know that it has made our relationship stronger and Im sure we can overcome anything. Only have a few more bumps and we'll ok, we always are.


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