The Busy Giffs: Looking Ahead.

August 24, 2011

Looking Ahead.

I am terrible at writing this month.
It has been crazy.
david is working basically fulltime now and with me gone for 10 hours a day, its just crazy.
I work about 10 hours a day and then come home and immediately feed Emmalee. Then its time to make dinner (for me or both of us depending on the night), Emma usually wants to eat when I am and the I just want to snuggle since she already nodding off to bed.
If dave is working, I pretty much walk in the door at 4:30 and he's out the door by 4:35. But we're making it work. When we have the time off togetehr, we basically do everything together, even if its just laundry.

Its hard to write beacuse I have to give up that time if Im going to. Tomorrows a short day at work and I have all of Friday off and then Kenny Chesney on Saturday! Which I'll be stuck in the beginnnings of a hurricane but as long as I dont get sick from it, were good! Once again, mom will be watching Emmalee (isnt she awesome?!?) and Im excited. We wanted to sell our seats to help our finances but since I lost the tickets when we moved in february, they have new copies sitting at will call so I have to go up regardless. Might as well stay if were going to go all the way up. :)
Im pretty sure if we had sold them mom still would have watched her and made us go away for the day. :)

And since Im looking forwrad to things lets look at the next few months..

One month from today: we'll be on our first family vacation in York ME celebrating our friend Phoenix's wedding.  Mom and the girls are coming up with us to watch Emma while we are at the ceremony and reception.

Two months from today: we will be getting ready for Emmalee's first Halloween and yes, we are considering a costume for her already! Our friend is planning on having a Halloween party for the kids before trick or treating and we are so excited to go!

Three months from today: is Thanksgiving! Its one of my favorite holidays and seriously my favorite meal. Its always a big ordeal at my Nannies and I am so excited for another "first" with Emmalee.

Four months from today: is Christmas Eve! My daughter will be 6 months old and we will have our first christmas as a family. It honestly fills me with this wierd warm feeling regardless of who cliche it sounds. Im just so in love with my family and cant wiat to celebrate.

Im hoping I get to write a bit more before all these events but with my crazy work schedule, Emmalee's amazing ability to distract me entirely and the fact that I go to bed when Emmalee does at night.... Im not so sure.

Ill keep you updated as we start to finish up the year. <3

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