August 4, 2011

For my bride friends...

I have a TON of friends who just got married or are engaged plus our wedding anniversary is coming up so I got nostalgic and started looking through our wedding pictures and the scrapbook I made after our wedding. I have a TON of left over stickers including packages I never even opened. I was going to make a scrapbook for someone else and never did so theres even more to add to the excess pile.  Since no one in my family is in a position to get married any time soon and I wont be using them (plus we could use the extra money!!) Im going to post them on here. Its a huge lot of stickers, all wedding related includingbachelorette,  bridal shower and one travel one for the honeymoon...

The 24 unopened ones (the last four pictures) retail for just over $50 plus and there is still a LOT on the opened packages, some havent even been used, just opened. I'd like to sell the whole lot and am asking for $25 for ALL of it but if you only wanted some, Im sure we could figure something out.

I figured Id offer it to my friends first and next week I'm going to put it on ebay.
Let me know!

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