The Busy Giffs: 2 Months & Karma.

August 13, 2011

2 Months & Karma.

So Emmalee is 2 months old today! Yikes! shes such an amazing baby and is growing so much everyday! She smiles spontaneously and she smiles if you smile at her.  She LOVES her glider and her Boppy.  She holds onto her rattles and LOVES putting her hands in her mouth. She can hyold her head up straight and when on her belly, she can lift her head between 45 and 90 degrees, shes just so strong! She has a pretty good night routine, she goes to bed between 8 and 9 and sleeps until about 5 am.  Shell eat and then its back to bed for a couple more hours. :)
We go to the doctor on Monday for her checkup so we'll know hw much she has grown!

And we've had some good come our way.  Even though we have been struggling, I've made it a point to still help others.  between food donations and helping a friend find a new place, I feel good.  i dont have much to give but it feels good to still give the bit that I have.  My mom taught me when I was little that no matter how bad you think you have it, someone else always has it worse. So, I kept helping and crossing my fingers that good karma would come back to me.

It has, oh, has it ever.

1. David has a job!! Its not glamourous but like he said, its something and thats more than he had. He'll be working at the Middleboro Friendlys in the back.  The manager there knows me and our situation and offered him a great wage and will accomodate him so that he will work nights only, pretty much 5-cl so that I can keep nannying and working at my store o the weekends as well. It will suck not seeing each other as much but we decided that it was more important for Emmalee to only be wth us, rather than putting her in a daycare so tha we can work-- it wouldnt be worth it.

2. I babysat the other night for 3 hours.  They had given me this week off because the mom was taking a vacation week so when they called for a couple hours I was excited.  As I was leaving, the mom handed me the money and said I put in a little extra since you were only here one day. I made a full days pay for 3 hours!!

3. And yesterday we got a enevlope in the mail that had 3 gift cards to stop and shop for us.  It was more money than I would ever expect someone to just send me.  They told me that they were given a lot of help when they hit the wall, so they were passing along the help and just asked me to prommise if I ever saw anyone in my situation down teh road, that I would pass on the help to them. Really makes you remember that tehre are some amazing people in the world and sometimes, people can really surprise you. <3

So we had a couple of rough months and Im still not sure if we'll be able to pay ALL of our bills this month but we will definatley afford our rent and car payments so those were my big concerns! We will get better and now that Dave is working as well, we can start to rebuild and start saving again.

Like I said before, it always works out. :)

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