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July 4, 2011


So I guess I lied in my last post; we ended up at Mom's yesterday and I'm SO happy we went.  We got a text around noon that said something along the lines of "you should come over today... Nick wants to see Emmalee again before he leaves and Nannie will be here for dinner as well".  how do I say no to that? Nick doesnt have plans to come home again until Thanksgiving and then he'll leave for Guam in December, yikes! So if he wants to see his only neice agian before he leaves today, how am I supposed to say no?!? So we ended up at another cookout at Danas!

Dave & Nicholas

Grace, Kris & Abby

My little firecracker! <3

We got home and she ate, fell asleep at 9 and slept until 2! Quick feed and back asleep until 6:45! However, this morning David fed her! She took a full 2 oz bottle from him and then topped off with me! No issues with the nipple or switching back to the breast so I am superexcited!

So those are my two wins of the weekend but this weekend also made me think about two things I have no right to think about right now.

1. I am always sad leaving Plymouth.  We're in a really great spot here and with us both being out of work right now, I shouldnt even be thinking about moving but even Dave realizes how much happier I am when we're close to my family.  On the car ride home last night he asked if (a) Jeff would transfer me to the Plymouth or Middleboro stores and (b) if I'd want to move that way if he could find a job up there. Obviously yes.  Plymouth, Kingston, Carver, Middleboro, and as a last choice: Wareham... just closer please.  I hate the drive and I really feel far away now that we have Emmalee.  So obviously I looked at and Craigslist when we got home but EVERYTHING says "no pups" :(  We found a couple for rent around Exit 6 but someone owns it and we'd be paying their mortgage, so I looked at ZipRealty and a condo in the same place would run us between 83,00-120,00 for a 2 bedroom unit.  I'd LOVE to move but I dont think we look very good on paper right now. No one will approve us for renting Im sure, with no income, and theres NO WAY we'd qualify for a mortgage. Oh well, we will keep looking around but like Dave said, he's no longer tied to the theater. AMC only had a couple theaters and the closest ones were Dartmouth and Braintree.  If he looks into another theater (Regal), there's one in Kingston.  With his retail management experience he could look into anything at the Shops at 5 or Colony Place, it would just be a big jump and until he finds a job here that he would be able to transfer to, I dont see it happening.  We go to his appeal next Tuesday so we'll find out about unemployment then, which is really what we've been waiting for.  If he "wins", we get backdated unemployment pay from May until now, if he had gone looking for a job (a) I would have probably had a meltdown on my own with Emmalee and (b) Dave would have forfeited his right to the appeal beacuse he would be employed so after next week we can take more steps in the direction we want to go.

2. Because we didnt know Emma's sex before she was born, we did buy a couple of "BOY" things before her arrival.  Like a onsie that says "Chick Magnet", things that Emma obviously wont wear.  I offered them to a friend whose expecting a boy and when I mentioned that I had to someone else, they commented "Oh, you're not saving them for the next one?" Did I miss the memo where I told everyone I wanted another one? I mean, I LOVE Emmalee but do I want another? Am I even in a position to think about another one? It's not that I didnt enjoy being pregnant and honestly, my labor wasn't terrible (even though it sucked while it was happening) but maybe thats what I'm most afraid of.  It went SO WELL that what if I get pregnant again and it doesnt? What if something goes wrong? Dave and I used to talk about 2 kids if we had any but at this point, I wouldnt want another for probably 2 or 3 years. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, where would I put the stuff? Emma is already outgrowing some of her newborn stuff, do we save it all, just in case?I dont know, I just didnt think I'd already have to think about the possiblity of another one...

So I guess my mind is running thinking of things but today is a holiday and we have NO plans.  Vasques just came to visit and meet Emmalee, which was great but I think otherwise, we'll just hang out in our pajamas today!

Happy 4th of July!

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