The Busy Giffs: When it comes I wanna wail... MAAAAAAAIL!

June 30, 2011

When it comes I wanna wail... MAAAAAAAIL!

So today's mail was pretty fabulous to say the least.  We recieved 4 packages!

The first was from P31 Creations which was a TON of hairbows and ribbons.
The second was from Priceless Designs which was more flowers and headbands!

We also got a package from the wonderful Jess Shea.  She gave us an adorable sundress and a ladybug creeper! She also gave us the cutest maryjane socks! Kris and I had seen ones like them before but I couldnt justify that much for socks, so I was SUPER excited that they were given to us!!

And not to be outdone, my Aunt Linda sent us a HUGE package and the best part is, she gave us every size! We got a jumper in 0-3, onsies in 18 months, sundresses in 24 months, and more than I can list! Its so nice to know that she has more than just newborn and 0-3 clothes!

In the mail we also got one more surprise... her social security card!! :) She officially exists in the US! Add i a couple of cards for Emmalee and a new Netflix and I'd say the mail was pretty awesome today!

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