The Busy Giffs: What A Day.

June 1, 2011

What A Day.

Today started off normal.  I tossed and turned with cramps and the need to pee an ungodly 7 times last night so I didn't get out of bed until about 8.  I started running through the things I wanted to get done, so I can stay on top of everything and don't go "Oh shit" when I do need to go to the hospital.  Laundry seemed like the most important since we had 2 loads to do and most of it was my super comfy preggo clothes that I will want in the hospital/when I get home. After that I just laid on the couch with the pups and we watched Easy A.

We had plans to go to take pictures with Jenny so we got dressed and went to Plymouth.  Jenny is one of my brotehr's best friends and we absoluetly LOVE her.  She was at our wedding, took some AMAZING shots and she literally just feels like part of the family.  She is a wonderful photographer and with me and Dave both being out of work we wanted to try and get some fat belly pictures because we had to cancel the last time we had asked to do pictures with someone else because Dave ended up being scheduled an open-close the day we were supposed to take photos. Well, anyways, we get ready and head to Plymouth.  Jenny refused to let me pay her so we picked up a gift crad to Michaels for her.  She's an amazing artist in addition to photography and I figured she would be able to use it even though she wouldn't let me give her "cash". :P

We wnet to Michaels and then stopped to visit my mom at work. She tells me that the school nurse just called and Abby messed up her arm doing a pyramid and will need to go for Xrays.  Thankfully nothing is broken but she needs to wear a sling for a couple days... she's going to be pissed if she can't hold the baby because the sling is on...

As we're leaving my mom comments "I don't wanna see you again while you're still pregnant". Thanks mom. :P But I seriously think the next time I see her, it will be in the hospital. :)

Next a stop at the mall for some crappy chicken and potatoes, followed by a trip downtown.
Downtown was beautiful.  We went to Cupcake Charlie's to get some cupcakes and I got a phone call from my brother, Nick.  As everyone knows, he's in Ohio in the Air Force and doing an amazing job.  He was given orders for Guam.  He'll leave in December and be gone for 4 years! Yikes! I'm sad and obviously scared that my brother wll be that far away but Guam was his number 1 prefernece and he is so excited that I can't help but be excited for him. I wonder what Guam's tourist industry is like... or how much a flight is... hmm....

Then we walked from the wharf down to the Mayflower.  We went to the penny candy store and sat and watched the ocean for a bit.

After, we went to Nelson park to meet Jenny.  I didnt really know what I wanted for pictures, I just knew I didnt want the stereotypical, naked woman in a dark room wrapped in a piece of tulle pictures.  I wanted something more fun.  jennyy suggested Nelson park for the playground and beach and we took some great pictures.  Then she suggested Brewster Gardens so off we headed.  The whole album is on Facebook but these are a few of my favorites...

LOVE the bridge in the back <3 

We both have bellies!

 Totally HIS idea. :P


So now it's time to cheer on the Bruins, hopefully work myself up into labor and if that doesn't work... Dave and I have no more commitments for the rest of the week... sounds like we've got plenty of time to work on getting this little one out... ;)

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