The Busy Giffs: A Scare & A Success.

June 22, 2011

A Scare & A Success.

So this morning was a bit scary.  When I went to move in bed I felt something strange happen.  I felt something come out of me.  I yelled to Dave to come lay with her so i could use the bathroom. Sure enough, when  pulled down my pants, there was a ping pong ball sized clump of blood.  I started to freak out just a bit, obviously afraid that I was hemmoraging, and trying to think back the past few days to gauge how much blood I had seen.  Even though I couldnt think of anything out of the ordinary I wanted to call the doctor about the clot.  At the hospital last week I had a MUCH smaller clot, like the size of a paperclip, and the nurse had said it was ok, but anything larger and they needed to be informed.

I called my doctors office, explained what had happened and the receptionist asked "How fast can you get here? Can you be here at 9:40?" and it was 8:50 so i said yes, no problem but Im thinking to myself "Why do I need to get there right away?" Obviously I'm scared at this point. I packed up Emmalee and we went to Wareham so I could get checked out. Thankfully, after an internal exam, the doctor told me that it was simply a very large clot left over from the birth and my uterus has probably shrunk and had to push it out. So I can relax and not freak out about anything going wrong.  I'm not overdoing activities and I'm not hurting myself so I get to keep going and just need to wait for my body to recover.

But while at the doctors I did get a nice surprise! I stepped on the scale and... wait for it... wait for it...

I'm back to my prepregnancy weight already!!!!

9 days post partum and I'm back down to what I was before. I can tell that the weight is in different places; my boobs are bigger, my stomacch needs a good toning and my arms and face are skinnier but I want to keep going.  I've had weight issues since my bobbs came in back in seventh grade and I've always fluctuated up and down.  I reached my heaviest point (while not pregnant) December of 2008.  I kept getting it down and down but then after the wedding I got comfy again plus the pregnancy and its all come on.  My goal is to keep losing weight.  I have a number in mind, which I dont want to share quite yet, but I am hoping that I can get there.  But for now, I'll just pride myself on getting back to zero preggo weight!

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