The Busy Giffs: It's my Due Date.

June 5, 2011

It's my Due Date.

Yep, according to the doctors, the baby should be here by now.  Oops.  Doctors are the new meteorologists. Oh well.  I go to the doctors tomorrow to have another check up and see how much more I've dialated and to do a stresstest on the baby to make sure everything is still okay.

Now here's the thing.

This baby will be coming past his/her due date.  It could be another day or it could be another week.  The doctor and I can't even discuss inducing until I hit 41 weeks so for all I know, the baby could be here in a week and a half.

This is my request...

PLEASE do not call and ask if the baby is here yet.  Do not ask my mom if I've had the baby. Do not tell me that the longer the baby stays in, the harder it will be to deliver. Do not ask me if I'm frustrated that he/she is still not here; I am.  Please don't tell me to go for a walk or have sex, trust me, I've looked into all these options, baby simply doesn't want to come out.  I'm sure I sound like a bitch but it's been hard enough to listen to all these questions and comments for the past two weeks and now that the baby is late (gasp!!), I'm sure it will just get worse.

In exchange, I PROMISE that when this baby comes out, I WILL let you know.  If you are my Facebook friend, you will see a picture online.  If you are my mom's friend or colleague, she will send you a picture.  If I work with you, I will let you know. If I consider you a close friend, you WILL get a picture message and probably invited to the hospital. 

I promise I will tell you when the baby comes, if you promise not to make waiting for the baby more difficult than it already is.

If you want to call and go have lunch, I'd love to. If you want to invite me to a movie, absolutely.  A beach trip, sure. Ask me how my day is, ask how the pups are, ask how Dave is... and I PROMISE I'll chat up a storm.

When it comes to the baby, however, please reel in your excitement and please realize how hard it is for me to not only wait for my baby, but wait even longer than I had planned on. 

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