The Busy Giffs: The Weekend.

May 30, 2011

The Weekend.

It has been one crazy, amazing, fun-packed weekend. It's Memorial Day Weekend and there is obviously a feeling of rememberance but it was nice to make plans and truely enjoy my weekend.

Friday, dave and I had breakfast with my mom at Persy's in Wareham.  I really just love spending time with her and getting to relax and have breakfast was awesome. Plus she's crazy and always giving us baby stuff so I love to see what new things she's gotten! :)

Well she outdid herself this time and gave us baby stuff and a giftcard to Lowe's.  Dave and I have wanted a grill since we moved into our ground floor apartment.  We couldnt have one on the second floor but as soon as we realized we could have one, we wanted one.  Plus we figure the baby's baptism will be a lowkey cookout and we would obviously need a grill for that... I had planne don buying Dave a grill for Father's Day next month but with gift card in hand, he couldn't wait to go pick one out.

say hello to his new toy! (and the pups!)

I had a quick shift at work after that and scurried out quick to meet Dave and Vit to see the Hangover 2. Hilarious. We went to an early show at 4 so we could be home in time for the Bruin's game that night.  Game 7 against Tampa Bay to decide who goes to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Needless to say, they WON!!! they are going to the Stanley Cup Finals. I'm personally amped and I screamed at the tv and Dave was afraid I was going to push myself into labor. Hahah.

On Saturday I had a quick shift at work and was out by 3ish.  There is/was a carnival set up in Freetown and I DESPERATELY wanted fried dough and cotton candy.  We had wanted to go to the Brooklawn Park Festival when it happened last month but things were just too hectic and we didnt make it so I really wanted to go to this one.  We went up and just walked around.  I don't trust the rides on traveling carnivals so we simply walked around and looked at the raffles, the food vendors and the games.

Here's my fun "I am not Portuguese" story:

I wanted fried dough. Bad. Really bad.  Pretty much the main reason I wanted to go.  So we walk around and around and around.  there's fried seafood, a juice hut, a stand with cotton candy and candy apples, fried ice cream, and a stand with linguica & churico.  I wanted fried dough... so Dave gets in line and says I'm going to get this stuff.  I look at the sign and it says "Malasadases" so I get upset because they don't have what I want.  Next to where we are there is a hotdog/burger stand so I pout and say "Well since we dont have fried dough, I am just going to get a hot dog".  Dave starts laughing at me and goes "That's why I'm in this line hun". Apparently malasadas is the portuguese version of fried dough so I looked like a moron. Ooops. 

Sunday I got to sleep in and went to work for a bit.  It was like the last day of high school.  You know that's it and you just count down the whole day, waiting to leave. it was only a 4 hour shift but my goodness, it dragged.  I was able to get out and head home around 5 so I got dressed and Dave and I went to my friend Amanda's for a cook out with some of my Middleboro favorites.  It was nice to just sit and chat and relax and unwind. 

I really love Amanda because her and I are on the same wavelength more than me and any other of my friends.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my friends but her and I have the most in common.  She's married, lives in New Bedford and has an almost 2 year old son.  My friends are great but when they message me about going to a bar and everyone's meeting up at 10 pm, I cant do that anymore.  Her husband and Dave went to school together so they can just hang out and relax and it just feels good.  I dont have to "babysit" Dave and I can chat and relax and she "gets it".  She has to justify shopping with what the baby needs and decides between calling out to be home with the sick one or going to work to pay for the doctor's visit, all things that most of my close friends don't have to deal with yet.  I'm just really happy to have her around and to be so close.

I guess I'm just happy I'm not sitting around doing nothing waiting for the baby.  I'm hoping now that I'm out of work, we can get some of the assistance programs up and running and then get a little baby out of me.  I've been up since about 5 am.  cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, cleaned the living room and bathroom, brought out the trash, took the dogs for a stroll and wrote this so hopefully this is my "nesting" kicking in right before the baby but who knows.  Start praying and crossing your fingers or doing whatever you do that I have this baby by this coming weekend. <3

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