The Busy Giffs: That Wasn't Very Nice.

May 17, 2011

That Wasn't Very Nice.

Last night kind of sucked.  I went to bed at about 9:30 and woke up 3 seperate times with contractions and cramping that seemed to come from my back.  My whole stomach would tighten up and I seriously thought I was going to crap myself there was so much pressure. this happened at 12:45, 3:30 and 5:40. Ugh. I started to get excited, like hey this doesn't feel like it normally has... maybe this is the baby? I had a lot of the things they say to look for with real contractions and not the fake Braxton Hicks. Obviously, I want to be excited. I am 37 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.  My due date is 19 days away. That's it.  There's no reason why I shouldn't go into labor right now except for the fact that I want to. Someone remind me that I typed this when I'm trying to stab my doctor while the baby is crowning.... :P

I got excited and now I'm pretty bummed out. I thought that was it. I was hoping for more contractions and I wanted them to get closer and stronger but after another quick bout of them around 10:30, I haven't have another. Whomp whomp.  My body is definately getting ready but I guess it's back to waiting.  I've ben slightly impatient waiting but where I kept telling myself 6 more weeks, 4 more weeks, 3 more weeks, etc it didnt seem like it could happen now.  After last night, I want my baby. It was there... and then it wasn't.

I laid on the couch for a good aprt of the morning with the pups.  I felt gross with lower back pain and nausea and I guess I was sad because it ended up being such a let down.  I know I shouldn't have gotten excited because (TMI ALERT) I haven't had any sort of show and my water hasn't broken but still, it seemed so close for a minute. I needed to satisfy the baby craving so Dave and I went to Babies R Us to finish my shopping.  I said previously that we needed to pick up a changing pad and infant tylenol so that's what we went for.  We ended up with a changing pad, a cover for it, infant tylenol, infant gum cleanser/toothpaste, orajel, and gas relief drops (as Dave points out... between him and Bailey, the baby will probably be gassy too-- personally, I hope not).  It really seems like we have EVERYTHING we need now.  I'm seriously racking my brain double and triple checking because I'm nervous. That thought made me feel a little better and when we got home I went through the hospital bag for the first time since we packed it.  I have my slippers, a night gown, clothes to come home in, the video camera, extra batteries for my camera, nursing pads, pads, and a couple books packed up.  I want to pack up black sweats and my oversized volleyball sweatshirt but I basically live in them at home (I'm wearing them now) now so I'd cry without them while I wait for this baby.

So I guess this is the shitty part people talk about, how you end up hating your life right before the baby is due. I want my baby and I don't want to wait anymore.

However, there was a little boy who made my whole day today.  I had plans to go see Bridesmaids with a friend and honestly, I'm currently beinga  cheap bastard so I took advantage of the dollar store thats in the same plaza as the theater.  Bought some candy and a soda and as I was in line there was a boy, maybe 6 years old in front of me with his grandma.  LIke the cutest hispanic kid with big brown eyes and he was just adorable.  This is our converstaion:

Him: Wow, are you having a baby?
Me: Yes, I am.
Him: I could tell because your belly is huge.  My mom is having a baby but your belly is bigger than hers. ( I laughed) When is your baby going to come out of you?
Me: I don't know but I'm due in 2 1/2 weeks.
Him: Wow, my mom says '4 more months of this crap' (more laughter)
Me: Well then you're baby will take longer than mine.
Him: Are you having a boy or a girl because my mom is having a girl and her name will be Shiloh but I get to call her Shi because that's my special big brother nickname for her.
Me: I don't know, my baby is going to be a surprise.
Him: It's going to be a girl but you can't name her Shiloh because thats my baby sister's name.

So I'm dying laughing at this point because he is just the cutest little old man trapped in a young kids body.  His grandmother pays and she starts to leave the store. He gets to the door and stops.  She spoke extremely broken English but all of a sudden he yells "Hold on grandma!! I NEEEEEED to hold the door for the pregnant lady and the baby!!"

I've gotten pretty bored with the repeated questions about 'when is it due', 'what's the sex', and 'is this your first' but this kid seriously made my whole day.

If I got to have all my converstaions about the baby be like the conversation I had with him, I'd do it all day.

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