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May 13, 2011


So I guess I'm finally getting to that stage everyone talks about, at the end of your pregnancy when you're just like "I'm done" however, I think I'm doing it wrong.  It's not like "Oh my god, I've been pregnant for so long I want ti to be over" it's more of a "Shut up and stop making stupid comments" obnoxious stage.

Like today, I walked into work and one of the girls goes "Still no baby yet?" Um, nope, if there was, I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't still have this massive belly. Seriously, when the baby comes I'll tell you. I'm still 2 days away from 37 weeks, pregnancy is 40 weeks, relax. Or how about "You're so low that baby is gonna drop out anyday now" or, here's my favorite one from the other day "Wow, you look super huge today; it must be the color of your shirt". If you wouldn't say it to someone in a normal converstaion, why is it acceptable to say to a pregnant person?

Could you imagine if I was having a converstaion with you and was like "Oh, ps. your hair kind of looks like shit today but it might just be the way you styled it"? NO ONE would think that was acceptable so why judge my weight right now? I'm obviously criticizing and critiquing my body all day, every day, I don't need you to do it as well.  I don't know, I guess some people just don't have manners.

The baby will come when its ready to and I've had people tell me I'm too small and questioning if the baby is developing right becuase I didn't gain enough weight and I've had people ask "You sure there just one in there?"; could you all just make up your mind about whether I'm too fat or too skinny for 9 months pregnant and then keep it to yourself? Pleaseandthanks.

Today I am a little bummed as well because I had been planning on going to a really great consignment sale but given our current situatiuon, I opted to go go grocery shopping instead of baby shopping. Oh well right? We have a ton of stuff and if I know my family I'll end up with new gender specific gifts while I'm still in the hospital so I really dont NEED anything. I think I'm just so excited that I want to buy things and I really don't need to.  this group is putting on another huge sale the beginning of the fall so I figure I'll go then and by then I'll have a better idea of how fast baby is growning, I'll be able to purcahse more appropriate stuff for the fall and by then baby should be holding up his or her head and we can start buying things like a jumperoo, a highchair, walker, etc.  I figure anything I don't get at that point will be on baby's christmas list!

So a couple things that make me smile right now:

1. today we walked the pups to the elementary school thats half a mile away from the house.  It has a HUGE field that is fenced in on 3 sides and even though NB has a leash law, we figured we could let the pups run for a bit.  They chased each other for maybe 10 minutes, came back to my side and plopped down.  They were exhausted!  The walk home was hilarious because they were dragging and as soon as we got back to the apartment they each emptied their waterbowls and passed out on the couch.  It was just nice to spend some "family time" after work. <3

2. Last night dave and I walked around downtown NB for AHA! which is a Arts, History andArchitecture event that happens once a month. Each month is a different theme with different activites and last night, dave's old roommate had an art critique at ArtWorks!  We went to supoort him and ended up walking around, going into the visitors center, a couple other art galleries and only spent $1.00 to park for the whole time we were down there.  A really great, enjoyable free date night.  I know that unemployment is not ideal right now but I do love having him around.

3. Raspberry gingerale.  On sale at Target for $1 a bottle, we bought 3.  We spent $52 on groceries but saved $37 and now have a full freezer, fully stocked cabinets and enough food to get us through the apocolypse so we're good. I feel silly spending the money right now but it's all food we eat on a regular basis and would have bought anyway so buying it on sale right now just makes sense.

4. And finally, as a bonus, The Lonely Island CD, all of it. I'm in love. I'm leaving you with my current three favorites because they just make me smile :)

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