The Busy Giffs: Exhausted but Optimistic.

May 4, 2011

Exhausted but Optimistic.

I am exhausted. Constantly. Like all the time. It's borderline obnoxious.

Monday night I went to bed around 10:30 and fell asleep closer to 11, knowing that I had Tuesday off.  We woke up around 8 am and our friend Vit came over.  We literally did nothing but use the Playstation Move and eat pizza.  While Vit was still here, I crawled into our bedroom, into bed and passed out for 2 hours. Seriously?

David woke me up so that I could get ready for my interview **(I'll get back to that in a minute). I went to the school for 3:30, got a slush puppie, came home, made dinner and was back in bed by 9pm.  Flash forward to this morning, I don't want to wake up even though I didnt have to be up until 7, dragged myself to 1st grade, spent the day with 26 little ones and upon returning home, I slept from 3:30- 7:15.  Legit.  How tired could I be? I'm already curled up on the couch with the pups and its only 9:15.  How can I be so tired from doing so little? Everone says catch up on the sleep now because I won't get any after the baby... but I'm seriously hoping without this child inside of me, I'll regain some of my energy again. 

So let's back up to my interview, this is where the **** comes back in... I had another interview yesterday and this time it was with a charter school in New Bedford for a high school ELA position.  Thsi schools tresses creativity for students and project based learning which is pretty much my ideal classroom.  It as a quick 20 minute interview and from the 10 applicants, they invite 3 to come back and teach a 20-30 minute lesson to a group of 10 admin, students, and parents.  It went well.  The principal seems wonderful and was very interested in my service learning components, my pedagogy and it was comfortable.  I felt like I fit with her and the literacy coach and I REALLY hope that they feel the same.  Other than the location of the school, which is in the middle of the ghetto, it is amazing! And when I say ghetto, I mean gheeeee-tto.  Like I drove past two guys who jacked up a car and were under it, there were store signs that were written in other languages and I'm pretty sure there wasn't another white person within 20 feet of my car at any given time.  It sounds petty but it's a fact.  It's in one of the poorest areas of New Bedford but my whole life I said I wanted to go to other countries and help those kids so why not do it in my own town? I have my fingers seriously crossed for this phone call to ask me to come in again but I'm trying very hard to not get over excited because that's when yous et yourself up for disappointment... I'll remain optimistic until I'm told not be. <3

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